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#CogentBooks – Deja Karma by Vish Dhamija

While I was reading Roll of the Dice and Rise of Kali, I came across this book called Deja Karma by Vish Dhamija. Sadly, I’ve been away from the world of books in the last few months of my life; and hence I didn’t know about Bhendi Bazaar and Nothing Lasts Forever, two bestsellers written by Mr. Dhamija. But, I must mention, I couldn’t have picked up a better book than Deja Karma after The Ajaya Series
How different can you make a crime novel? What can you uncover that has not already been written in any other book or shown in some movie, or TV Series. Especially in today’s times when crime as a genre seems to be gobbling at least 20% airtime of GECs (General Entertainment Channels) in our country. They say don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m so glad that I didn’t pay too much heed to this age old adage.

Deja Karma by Vish Dhamija starts with introduction of Jay Singh, the protagonist and gives us a glimpse into his life. Jay Singh is the enviable character that makes every aspiration filled reader be like him. Every aspect about his life is enough to fuel your jealousy. His home, his car, his estate, and his company. Jay Singh is a defense lawyer, and one among the best; that this nation has seen.

Only once you dwell deeper, do you realize not everything about Jay’s life is enviable. On the contrary; his life is the one that looks all glamorous on the outside, but it’s full of vile, disturbing and extremely dreadful events. Jay’s father was murdered and Jay isn’t convinced about the way the entire case was solved and he feels there is more to the story of the convicted murderer. To add to Jay’s problems, he is also an alcoholic and has been forced to consult a psychiatrist.

But, this book isn’t a biographical portray of Jay Singh. Deja Karma is a hard core legal drama about a heinous murder. A lady has been shot dead. The prime suspect (Vinay Kumar) is a married man with two children who is also the son of a minster. The protégé himself (so to speak) is supposed to embark on his journey to be the next big thing in politics.

A special mention must be made about another important character of the book; Bhima. As Jay introduces him once in the book, he is Jay’s twenty-four/seven valet-cum-security-cum-chauffeur-cum-Man-Friday. Yes, this book wouldn’t be the same without Bhima. Bhima is the edge that separates Jay from most of the other lawyers in the trade, if not all.

However, the most poignant reason to pick up this book, right now is Vish Dhamija. As I mentioned earlier, my skepticism at the start of the book was, what could an author bring to a genre that’s overdone in so many ways. What separates Vish is his panache and the way he says his story. The ease with which a relatively complex story moves ahead is unreal. For example, any other author worth his/ her salt would be tempted to add at least a few pages about Vinay Kumar’s politician father. A character who could have managed to display his clout and unnecessarily add some more drama to the tale was avoided. Every chapter, including the last; of Deja Karma, takes the story forward and keeps the reader asking for more. Kudos to Vish Dhamija. I personally can’t wait to pick up my copies of Bhendi Bazaar and Nothing Lasts Forever. Also, I look forward to reading Doosra – The Other One which is a sequel to Bhendi Bazaar and is expected to release in 2016.


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